An Official Tale : The Arch-Enemy


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    An Official Tale : The Arch-Enemy

    Post  Ricketts on Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:27 am

    - Job Title: The Arch-Enemy

    - Job Poster: The-Bleeding

    - Reward: Varies on the soul

    - Requirements: Must must have spell: Soul Capture

    - Time Limit: Until all are collected

    - Tale: It's time for round 3 of the harvest. Below is a list of the Arches. If u soul one, or give me the cords of 1 in game, either way will get you the reward for that soul. However, giving me the cords of a merc to someone who is selling the soul will not give any reward.

    The List

    Billbiblop the Great - Indigo Biblop
    Crokdylann the Rebel - Crocodyl Chief
    Dragospel the Black - Black Dragoss
    Lupisnockio the Woodwolf - Furious Whitish Fang
    Nidsally the Mushtang - Mushnid
    Ougineemo the Lost - Ouassingal
    Polterghaisk the Stray Soul - Burning Ghost
    Ratatouille the Stirrer - Sick Grossewer Rat

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