One Piece Ranks

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    One Piece Ranks

    Post  Faiyth on Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:42 am

    One Piece Ranks

    This is for Experienced Dungeon Runners to better set up a Strategic Team to Ensure a Victory!
    By setting up this Ranking System, Nakama Members may easier form a Crew that suits their needs. these Ranks are not earned, but self assigned. So before assigning yourself a Rank, please follow the Guidelines Listed Below:
    - Ranking Guidelines

    - When Choosing a Rank, be sure that you are prepared to take on the responsibilities and duties that come with it
    - Choose a Rank that best fit's your Experience
    - Choose a Rank that best fit's your Character Build
    - Take your Strengths and Weaknesses into consideration
    - All Ranks are Equal, so choose a Rank that best fits you!




    - Experienced in Many Various Dungeon runs, and a Good Leader, a Captain must be able to Lead and Direct their Crew mates to Victory, in an Understandable and easy to follow fashion while being Strong enough to carry his Crew to Victory if needed.


    - The Main Damage Dealer in their Crew, the Swordsman must be a very Strong and Versatile Fighter. With the Support of his Crew mates, the Swordsman can make any Battle a Short and Sweet one.


    - Without a Navigator, all is lost... A good Navigator must have extensive Knowledge of Dungeon Layouts, and be able to Navigate their Crew through the Dungeons to Safety. A Navigator is also responsible for helping their Captain Strategise against the Boss Monsters, so Knowledge of the Enemies weakness is a valuable asset.


    - No matter how strong we are, casualties are always Inevitable... But with a Medic around, it won't be as Painful. Medics are responsible for keeping their Crew mates Alive and Safe so that they can fight each battle at their fullest strength.


    - Cooks always make sure their Crew Mates are Buffed and Pumped Up to go to Battle. With Recipies of Disasters at their fingertips, a Cook will always be right behind you, ready to Satisfy your Appetite for Victory! A Cook is also no pushover, as they should be able to Cook up a world of Pain themselves.


    - Normally not very strong, Usopps usually are the 1st to get knocked out in battle. Though they know the pain, they tag along for the Adventure and Experience, Friendly conversation and sometimes even come in handy, once in a while.

    How to Register you Rank

    - Create your own Topic, in the following Format:

    - Rank:
    - Name:
    - Level:
    - Class:
    - Elemental Build
    - Spells, Damages, Reasons that you fit this Rank

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