miss skyheart ?


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    miss skyheart ?

    Post  TrappedSoul on Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:29 am

    ok well lets see, im Kate, im 19, live in the UK, currently studying photography in college, my main is TrappedSouls, also got Oirret thats in the guild too... ummm...

    oh no wait, forget all that... ermm... im suposed to be undercover, on a secret mission...

    my REAL name is Oirret Skyheart, im an honest piwate, always wantin to please the cap'n.

    whenever im not on its normaly cause cap'n wants me to do something, or ive done something wrong and being punished for it... again... or we've crashed (that seems to happen alot) or so on... many odd things happed around here, and normaly involves us in some way =/

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