BlackJack Combat Tournament - Details

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    BlackJack Combat Tournament - Details

    Post  Faiyth on Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:32 am

    Welcome to the BlackJack Combat Tournament!!

    This Event is a PVP Combat Tournament between Nakama Guild Members, but with a twist! Each participant uses a Level 21 Character as their Champion.


    - All Champions must be EXACTLY Level 21
    - Scrolling Stats is NOT allowed
    - Overmaged Gear IS allowed
    - All Champions must be created with the Tag, BlackJack-, in their Names
    - All Champions must be registered in the Tournament Sub-Guild, BlackJack

    -All participants must list their Champions in this Forum, in the Following Format:

    - Champion Name:
    - Champion User:
    - Champion Class:
    - BIO : (A short description on your character)

    Tournament Rules

    - 2 VS 2 Battles
    - Teams are randomly chosen
    - No Doubles in Teams
    - A 5KK fee is charged for each tournament(for the pot)
    - Tournament Winners receive all Kamas in the Pot and 700 Ogrines

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