The Legendary Sanin

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    The Legendary Sanin

    Post  Faiyth on Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:31 pm

    The Legendary Sanin

    Sanins are the Highest Level, Top 3 Guild Level EXP contributers and who've participated most in Academy Training Sessions as well as the most effective.
    Sanins no longer need to donate EXP to Guild Level, and may form official training groups and events. They also have access to the Guild Armory, control of Guild member experience and may Promote certain members without need of rank requirements.


    - 1,000,000 EXP donated to Guild Level
    - In the Top 3 of donated EXP to Guild Level
    - Applicants must have been an Active Jounin for at least 7 Days.
    - Applicants must have completed at least 100 Battles during Academy Training Sessions
    - Applicants must be over Level 180

    - Apply here in the following format :

    - Name : (Your In Game Name here)
    - Class : (You Character Class here)
    - Level : (Your Character Level here)
    - Guild Exp : (Your Donated Guild EXP here)
    - Availability : (When you are available)

    In order to retain the Rank of Sanin, Members must remain in the Top 3 of the Guild EXP contributors as well as actively Train with the rest of the Guild Members.


    Sanins May Donate 0% EXP to Guild Level during Academy Training Sessions.

    Sanins May bring ALT characters.

    Sanins May Acces the Guild Armory

    Sanins May Form Special Scheduled Training Sessions

    Sanins May Perform and Supervise All Exams

    Sanins May Perform All S-Class Missions

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