Jounin Exams

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    Jounin Exams

    Post  Faiyth on Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:29 pm

    Jounin Exams

    Jounins may perform ALL S-Rank Missions and Jobs available in Nakama. They also have access to the Guild Armory, allowing them to use the items there to temporarily strengthen their current group. When the training session is finished, the items are then returned to the Armory.

    Jounins may also Create their own training sessions and schedule groups for Academy Training, as Team Leaders.


    - 600,000 EXP donated to Guild Level
    - Applicants must have been an Active Chuunin for at least 7 Days.
    - Applicants must have completed at least 60 Battles during Academy Training Sessions
    - Applicants must be over Level 160

    - Apply here in the following format :

    - Name : (Your In Game Name here)
    - Class : (You Character Class here)
    - Level : (Your Character Level here)
    - Guild Exp : (Your Donated Guild EXP here)
    - Availability : (When you are available)

    In order to be Promoted to a Jounin, applicants must participate in a 2 Seperate Combat Tournaments, among other Chuunins taking the same Exam or as a filler.

    Stage 1 - 2 vs 2 Combat

    - Members are paired up into teams and must face off against other pairs in a small combat tournament. The final 2 pairs then move on to Stage 2.

    Stage 2 - 1 vs 1

    - The remaining participants from Stage 1 now face off against each other in a 1 vs 1 tournament. The Final 2 victors may be promoted to Jounin, but still face off against each other for a special prize.


    Jounins must Donate 1% EXP to Guild Level during Academy Training Sessions.

    Jounins May bring ALT characters.

    Jounins May Acces the Guild Armory

    Jounins May Form Special Scheduled Training Sessions

    Jounins May Perform and Supervise All Exams

    Jounins May Perform All S-Class Missions

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