The Gotei 13

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    The Gotei 13

    Post  Faiyth on Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:11 am

    - Gotei 13 -

    (Definition - 13 Protection Squads)

    Gotei 13, is a branch of Nakama's Soul Society, created for a more organized form of Soul Hunting. These Squads are led by 13 Captains, each one being a different Character Class.

    Each Captain, may organize Specific Arena Soul Battles, that require each participant to contribute an equal amount of Kamas, in order to pay for the Soul.
    (Example: If a Soul costs 160,000 Kamas, participants will be required to pay 20,000 Kamas each = 20kk X 8 Members = 160KK)

    In this way, for the cost that's just a little bit more than the price of a key, Squad Members are able to bypass the Dungeon Rooms, and Battle VS the Boss Monsters in an Arena Map of their preference.

    How to join a Squad:

    - You may ONLY apply to Protection Squads, with a Captain that is the same Character Class as you are.

    - Apply with your IGN Name, Class, and Level, as well as the Elemental Build of your character.

    - Each applicant MUST follow their Captain's Rules

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