Minecraft Beta

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    Minecraft Beta

    Post  Faiyth on Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:44 am

    This is a pretty cool building type of game with low end graphics but high end fun.


    Password = LukaszDanio

    How to play in Single-Player

    -- run .minecraft_name.jar file, then close the game --

    1. Open "run" on your start, or search run, and open it.
    2. type in the box

    3. you should be in the folder "Roaming" (".minecraft" folder for Windows XP users)(place .minecraft straight into the folder. (one folder before the whole minecraft files) E.G .minecraft->.minecraft->(all of the files)
    you would choose the 2nd folder.
    4. run .minecraft_name.jar file and login without any user/password.
    5. Play offline
    6. Playing singeplayer

    How to Play in Multiplayer (Will only work with other Cracked Servers)

    1. Open .minecraft folder (in appdata/romaning)
    2. Run minecraft_name.jar
    3. Type your nickname and press OK.
    4. Now you have to type login and password but you must leave this empty.
    5. Press Login.
    6. And now you should click on Play Offline.
    7. After that go to Multiplayer.
    8. Ask your friend or somebody else who create server about IP.
    9. Type or paste this IP in Multiplayer.
    10. Play with others.
    Enjoy =)

    If you can't connect host must check a few things.
    - Has he/she unlocked port 25565?
    - Has he/she turn off firewall in windows?
    - Has he/she turn off firewall in antyvirus?
    - Has he/she external IP?

    If host has something working from this list you will not be able to connect to server

    How to Create your own Server

    You and your friends have to run game by minecraft_name.jar
    it's better when nobody have nick Player
    1) Go to minecraft_server folder and run minecraft_server.bat (YES .BAT)
    2) It after it is finished close it.
    3) there should be a server.properties file.
    4) Open it with notepad
    5) there should be something like "online-mode=true" change it to false
    6) if there isnt put online-mode=false
    7) to get people to join you go to whatismyip.com and get your ip.
    Cool connect to your modem by typing in the web adress (thats for me) and then port foward 25565.
    9) tell your friends to connect to you using the ip you got from whatsmyip.com
    10) when you want to connect into your server: run game go on Multiplayer and type localhost

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    Re: Minecraft Beta

    Post  Drame on Tue Dec 21, 2010 7:00 am

    your posting pics of classic however.

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